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The Minister of Loneliness

Set in future Britain - The Minister of Loneliness is an absurd concept comedy, that examines what it means to be lonely in a post pandemic world. David, an architect living in Germany is called back to his native England in order to attend his father’s funeral. However, life in the UK is starkly different. After a series of pandemics and an escalating mental health crisis, the British government have put a ‘live-on script’ structure in place to prevent loneliness.The scheme means, that each person has a life script that they must live by - creating security, certainty and economic stability.The country seems to be working together, until David becomes caught in the system. In his desperation for freedom and a return ticket home, David sets off a series of situations that cause people to question the structure and themselves. By exposing the system’s flaws, he also sees his own - learning that loneliness is a state of mind and love can take you home.

Written in Lockdown (I), 2020 - but conceived in a Rotterdam hotel room 2016 - The Minister of Loneliness is my ode to Brexit. Being an adamant ‘remainer’ I was shook to the core when the majority of Great Britain decided to leave the EU. Angry and confused, I wanted to write a script that would give rant to all my hardline opinions of how England had cut its nose off - and how we were walking ourselves into a regressive and short-sighted future. However, the beauty of writing story arcs for multiple characters with contrary views allowed me to see both sides of the pound coin. Through writing this script, I softened, finding new appreciation for my Fatherland with all it’s conflicting charms, absurd traditions and general Britishness - that I hope can be laughed at and with in this story of homecoming. 

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