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The Knight's Daughter

Inspired by Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. The Knight’s Daughter tells the story of a mother - daughter relationship that’s not what it seems. Set in a South-West London theatre, Nora, a working class girl from the countryside - narrates her experience of playing ‘daughter’ to the national treasure and notoriously capricious actor Vivien Knight. In order to thrive, Nora must navigate this fickle world, where class, choice and reality are secondary to fiction, prejudice and fantasy. ​

Written in 2021 lockdown(III). This script helped me through the darkness period of grieving. My Grandmother passed away, and the next day I helped my Mother into an ambulance - unconscious with Covid19, her lungs rattled with water as I waved goodbye. Blowing kisses of Covid to one another, I caught the virus in both hands. Already having a long list of illnesses and an immune system that collapses at the sound of a sneeze - I went through a hard healing. Needless to say I needed something to focus on - and this script was it. I wrote it in a month - eleven hours a day, listening to the same youtube song on repeat. To this day I'm grateful for  this story's light in the dark. 

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