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He Who Eats The Tail

‘He Who Eats The Tail’ is an 8 part series that takes us into an occult gentlemen’s club. Set in a run-down rural town, The Club boasts the last ounce of luxury, status and security. Above the law, The Club preys on desperate men in debt or danger who need help. After initial relief, these men soon pay the price, as membership costs free will and complete loyalty.  Throughout the series, we follow George. Recruited into the club from a young age, he questions who he really is and begins to wonder what life might look like from the other-side. One day he meets Mary, daughter of a fellow member - realising their stories are entwined, together they begin to work out - a way out of the club. However, it’s a complex game that takes a lifetime to play, and death is only the beginning.

Started in 2012, this series is a long and well loved project. I have written and fully realised all eight episode. Each episode is approximately 30 pages, except for episode six, which is an hour long special before the penultimate episode and ending. It is a bleak and violent world where men dominate and deceive - and the occult is conjured. A time between times.

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