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Welcome to my writing room. It’s an empty white cube, where I write scripts.

Why a website writing room? Because I’ve been writing scripts for over ten years and would like to introduce you to my work - by sharing it on a site where it can be read and enjoyed / instead of gathering digital dust on my desktop. Writing is a solitary profession, with much work going unread or straight into recycling - however - this site opens the writing door to discussion and provides a space for my scripts to be seen, with gratitude. 

writing room alts.JPG

As a start, I am sharing the first twenty pages of three scripts and the first episode of an 8-part series. I have provided a brief synopsis to each script and some context too. If you find yourself hooked by anyone of them and would like to read the rest or talk about it, get in touch. I will continue to update the site, and as the seasons change, so will the garden beyond. 

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