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My name is Alice

I am a psychopomp and shamanic medium. It’s my soul purpose to help people navigate the dying process, communicate with the deceased and be the link between here and the afterlife. After years of training, experience and in-depth psychic development, I openly offer my spiritual services to you. My approach to healing is heart-centred and my teaching aims are deeply transformative. As a shamanic medium, I’m able to move easily between realms of consciousness, bringing connection, reassurance and knowledge to light. Whether it’s restoring personal power, connecting with ancestors or inviting a sense of peace into your life, together, we can find the path to your ultimate wellbeing. But for now, let me ask; how can I help?

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I don’t want you to feel afraid. Often people see skulls and assume the worst. Of course skulls do symbolise death, but they are also strongly associated with life. Our bones say a lot about us. On a spiritual level, they hold sacred messages, our deepest memories and reveal secrets stored in the soul. Bones are deeply connected to rebirth and are my go-to sacred tool for divination. By consulting your spiritual and ancestral bones, I am able to read the coded hieroglyphs of your soul’s true intentions, unlocking key questions to your purpose and identity. If you'd like to take a deeper look into your destiny, and listen to the whispered words of wisdom within your bones, click on my contact page so that we can start the conversation that finally fulfils those unanswered questions.

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In the shamanic realms, I work under the guidance and pure empowerment of goddess Kali Ma. When training to strengthen my skills as a practicing psychopomp with the Sacred Trust UK, Kali’s spirit arrived with a fierce message for me to follow her path, and step into my role as  ‘conductor of souls’. From that moment, I underwent a powerful, assumption-shattering and highly disciplined apprenticeship under her tutelage, that has given me the courage needed to walk silently in the shadows, burn with the brightest light and work within the cosmic void. Having committed to this path, I am now honoured to share this knowledge, insight and energy with you. If you would like to share stories, experiences or are curious about working with Kali as a psychopomp or spiritual student, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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We all know balance equals wellbeing but - for those like me, who have developed psychic abilities at a very young age - maintaining balance isn’t always easy. Communicating with the dead daily, since I was six years old - has meant that I often find myself living in an altered state of consciousness - desperately trying to close my third eye, instead of opening it. Being out of balance in this way means that living life becomes very difficult, very quickly. So in my ever practical approach, I’ve come to rely on the concept of ‘spiritual stabilising’. Much like grounding, I’ve built techniques into my practice that allow me to be present swiftly and safely. So if spiritual stabilising is something that you are struggling with, reach out and let me share the techniques required to realign and regain balance.

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Growing up, I always felt I had to lighten-up, look on the bright side, and open the curtains to let the light in. Because, light means hope and darkness means despair. But that wasn’t true for me at that time. Like a slow photograph or bulb beneath the ground, I was developing in the dark. Deep inside, I knew that there were sides of myself that could only be accessed within this darkness. To fully accept this, I had to understand that the dark has a language of its own, to be learnt and celebrated. I’m not denying that developing in darkness can be extremely uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. Surrendering helps, but so does having a mentor. Somebody who sees the black sun shinning, understands the underworld and can contextualise and guide you towards translating your symbolic messages from spirit. If a mentor is what you need right now, it might be for a single session or multiple meetings - get in touch. 

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